Shielded TFT screen housing

The shielded TFT screens have a high shielding performance to protect you against outgoing radiation from the screens. It also protects you that your information can not be stolen. The housings are available in different widths and lengths based on the type of model or type that must be located in the housing. Optional is the placement of different types of filter modules to be able to implement different cable connections as a connection to the screens. Also we can add active and passive vents to drain excessive heat from the inside of the housing.

Light transmission

Opacity of the mesh window that is placed in the housing is 64,5 %. A lack of available light should not be a concern, since an average pair of sunglasses allows less than 9% light to come through.


  • With vents or Honeycomb ventilation panel depending on the desired attenuation and the need for cooling
  • Different window
  • System coolers
  • Connectors
  • Power-supply
  • Cable entries
  • Switches, buttons and so on.


  • Computer forensics
  • Military field or embassy use
  • Secure or TEMPEST communication
  • Electromagnetic allergy / electro-smog
  • Temporary EMI shielding
  • Reverberation chamber (RVC)
  • Mode-stirred chamber (MSC)