Mu-ferro HD

Electromagnetic fields can affect electrical equipment, magnetic systems and also living organisms.

For magnetic shielding of electronic devices and PCs we have developed the Mu-ferro HD 6800 series.

Mu-ferro HD can be used to prevent low frequency magnetic radiation (0 Hz – 300 kHz) from leaving a device, or it can be applied around a sensitive device or sensor, to prevent external electromagnetic interference from disrupting normal operations.

Mu-ferro HD offers important magnetic-field shielding characteristics, due to its high magnetic permeability and its ability to absorb magnetic energy. This allows for the highest possible attenuation, making this shielding alloy the material of choice for reducing low-frequency electromagnetic interference.

For magnetic shielding of electronic devices our Mu-ferro 6800-HD is available in plate material that is 1, 0.8, or 0.5 mm thick. In addition we will gladly produce custom shapes which will deliver the best shielding effect possible in your situation.

Mu-ferro HD is also available as a foil or tape, delivered on rolls (0.024 mm thick) with or without regular or conductive self-adhesive for high-frequency shielding and easy mounting. For more information, please see Holland Shielding Systems BV Part number 3208. Comparable with Mu-Metal specifications.

Mu-ferro HD – Magnetic shielding
We can produce Mu-ferro HD in any shape or size according to your drawing

Shielding performance


Density kg/m38747
Thermal conductivity W/m K34.6
Electrical conductivity micro-ohms580


  • Aviation and aerospace industries
  • Sensitive sensors
  • Medical equipment
  • Physics research
  • Telecommunication
  • Automotive
  • Military