Miniature EMI/RFI Shielding Gasket


This EMI/RFI gasket can be made so narrow that the height exceeds the width. Nevertheless, it provides sufficient electromagnetic damping.

The gasket is made of a highly electrically conductive foam with or without an electrically conductive self-adhesive strip on one side. The electrically conductive foam can be compressed up to more than 50 % of its original height.

The smallest width is 1mm and the maximum height is 6mm. Roll lengths of 1 to 1000 meters, depending on width and height of the EMI gasket.


  • Shielding on printed circuit board (PCB)
  • EM, RF, LF, HF, EMI, RFI shielding
  • Other products where there is very little space available and low compression force is required


  • EMI/RFI miniature gasket with water seal
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • With cooling holes
  • With or without self-adhesive
  • Made from electrically conductive foam or electrically conductive rubber
  • Electrically conductive rubber version for chemical resistance
Miniature EMI / RFI shielding gasket, narrower than a matchstick
Miniature EMI / RFI shielding gasket with Amucor foil or textile cover
Miniature shield with self-adhesive backing, made of electrically conductive foam and a version with water seal
Width X (mm)