Micro expanded mesh

The 8930 series is developed for different EMI/EMC applications and a effective EMI shielding materials. It can be used as standard mesh foil or it can be placed inbetween our shielded windows for a shielded interlayer.

The micro expanded mesh foil is lightweight and minimal 0.05mm and 0.075mm thick. The width of the roll is standard 450mm. It can be custom made in different widths and lengths on request.

Unlike knitted from woven mesh, the 8930 shows that it is consistent and predictable. The product is available in different materials like:


  • Copper
  • aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Monel

Raised (conventional) mesh dimensions

Raised (conventional) mesh

Strands are measured from knockle to knockle.


  • Effective EMI shielding material
  • Made from thin metal
  • Strong and very flefible
  • consistent and predictable

Flattened mesh dimensions

Flattened mesh

Mesh which has been pressure rolled, resulting in strands which are in the same plane as the sheet.

8930 Micro expanded mesh shielding performance


Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.



MaterialThicknessweight2Open areaShielding effectiveness 1 (dB)
G·m-2100 MHz1 GHz10 GHz
Copper0.05 (50µm)21553%725333
Copper0.075 (75µm)24564%604225
Alluminium0.05 (50µm) 6553%705132
Alluminium0.075 (75µm) 7464%584123
Nickel0.05 (50µm) 21453%604628
Nickel0.075 (75µm) 24364%544024
Monel0.05 (50µm) 27139%675336
Monel0.075 (75µm) 39541%634630
1 Test method: ASTM D4935-10
2 ±10%
Various aperture coefficients is extrapolated to the theoretical O dB crossing frequency.
The predicted 20 dB/decade reduction of SE with frequency is experimentally confirmed.