ITO printing

Holland Shielding Systems BV has developed a special coating that we can print on any desired material.

Depending on the thickness of the coating used, excellent electric and electromagnetic shielding of 40-70 dB at 10 KHz to 300 MHz and 25-40 dB from 300 MHz to 22 GHz can be achieved.

The specialty of one side transparent conductive coated materials is that optical transmittance is very good and transparency is very high.

The coating is widely used for applications of EL panels, LCD EMI shielding, touchscreens, flexible solar cells etc.

We can print/coat ITO on any (transparent) surface

ITO printing specifications

Wet Film ThicknessDry film ThicknessAmount
Amount ITO
Sheet resistanceTransmittanceHaze
4<11.30.15≥ 10000093.00.7
611.90.2≥ 1000092.00.8
121- 23.80.4≥ 1000091.11.0
242- 37.70.8≥ 100087.21.1
363- 411.61.2≥ 80087.41.3
504- 516.01.6≥ 30085.01.6
807- 825.82.6≥ 30070.22.3
We can print/coat ITO on any (transparent) surface