High Performance Faraday Cage Windows

A Faraday cage window is made up of several EMI/RFI-shielding products.

We put two layers of 9600 series EMI/RFI-shielded glass on either side of 9000 series Mesh foil to ensure very high shielding performance in a wide frequency range.

These three layers are held together by an aluminium frame for easy installation. The aluminium frame is provided with an electrically conductive 6800 series Amucor gasket to ensure good electrical contact with the Faraday cage.


Standard Faraday cage window, technical drawing

Some Finished Products

High-performance Faraday cage window
High-performance Faraday cage window
Standard Faraday cage window, outside view
Standard Faraday cage window, inside view
MRI window ready to be soldered into the Faraday cage