HEMP/NEMP powerline filters

The 8080 HEMP/NEMP powerline filters of Holland Shielding Systems are designed to withstand the PCI test known as E1, E2 and E3 while largely exceeding the shielding effectiveness as stated in MIL-STD-188-125.

Our R&D specialist has designed the filters so they meet the highest shielding demands with an insertion loss of 100 dB @ 9 kHz and 120 dB @ 20 kHz.

All our filters are tested with our in-house E1/E2 testing facility to confirm that they meet our high quality demands.

As the only powerline filter supplier in the world that has an E1 and E2 pulse tester in-house, we have the possibility to test and supply the filters with a short delivery time.


  • 230 V / 440 VAC with 16 A – 200 A current ratings (others on request)
  • Single or three phase applications
  • Up to 100 dB @ 9 kHz
  • Very low residual pulse current
  • Quick development and delivery possible with our in-house testing facility

8080 – Shielding performance

 8080 Series

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

Test pulse (5 kA)

Residual pulse (800 mA)

Product range

TypeL (mm)W (mm)H (mm)Ir(A)I leakageLinesVoltage100dB@120dB@
8080-2-1672090130164.3 A2230 V / 440 VAC9 kHz14 kHz
8080-2-3272090130324.3 A2230 V / 440 VAC9 kHz14 kHz
8080-2-6372090130634.3 A2230 V / 440 VAC9 kHz14 kHz
8080-4-16770150150168.6 A4230 V / 440 VAC14 kHz27 kHz
8080-4-32770150150328.6 A4230 V / 440 VAC14 kHz27 kHz
8080-4-63770150150638.6 A4230 V / 440 VAC14 kHz27 kHz
8080-4-1007701501501008.6 A4230 V / 440 VAC14 kHz27 kHz
8080-4-20077015015020010.3 A4230 V / 440 VAC14 kHz27 kHz

Insertion loss and E1, E2 and E3 pulse testing facility

As the only filter producer that can perform individual pulse testing, we are able to guarantee that your filter will protect your facility and not just on paper. Our filters are tested with our in-house test facility with which we are capable to perform PCI as per E1 (20 / 500 ns 2.5 kA peak) and E2 (1.5 / 4000 µs 250 A peak) test pulses. With our testing facilities we make sure that our filters comply with the highest demands and that the residual currents are within limits of the applicable standards and norms.

The intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is generated by the phenomenon called “Compton effect” or “Compton scattering”. The nuclear explosion that generates this transient electromagnetic disturbance is also know as NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) or HEMP (High altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). The HEMP is typically defined as a combination of three consecutive pulses called early time (E1), intermediate-time (E2) and late-time (E3), as shown in the graph below.