Frameless Honeycomb ventilation panels

Honeycomb vents are used to EMI shield openings for ventilation or acoustic/visual contact. We can make these vents according to your drawing within a few days, or you can use our standard range from stock.

Honeycombs are also frequently used as flow straighteners to create a laminar flow.

Round shaped Frameless EMI shielding ventilation panels (Framelss Honeycomb ventilation panels) with compressed sides

Honeycomb material thicknesses

Rectangular shaped Frameless EMI shielding ventilation panels

We manufacture Honeycomb material in thicknesses of 6.35, 12.7 and 25.3 mm.


  • Light weight
  • High shielding performance
  • Low air-flow resistance
  • Reduction of turbulance
  • Can be made round or rectangular shaped

Compressed sides

The 9505 series Frameless Honeycomb ventilation panels can be made with compressed sides. This has the advantage that the ventilation panel easily remains in place in the opening of your electronics housing. This also provides better shielding performance.

Frameless EMI shielding ventilation panels can be made with compressed sides

Material specifications

ExtrusionAluminium alloy 6063-T1 QQ-A-200/9
Filter mediaAluminium alloy 5056, per RR-W-365
HoneycombAluminium alloy MIL-C-7438
GrillesAluminium alloy 3003-H-14 per QQ-A-359
FinishChem film to MIL-C-5541 Class 1A (standard)
Also available: Bright tin, Electroless nickel
or Chem film – Class 3



Frameless honeycomb ventitation panels can be produced very accurately in any desired size. Specify the dimensions you want in the “Get a quotation area” below.