Clip-on Gasket All Shapes


This easily mounted clip-on gasket is composed of two layers: a sponge rubber water seal, and an EMI-shielding side of highly conductive, wear-resistant metallized fabric. The gasket is very flexible due to the hollow rubber, ensuring a low closure force. The gasket is assembled without tools, simply by manually pressing the section onto the metal flange of your enclosure. Different sizes are available on request. The gasket can be bent in either direction (it can not be bent into a right angle, but it can form a rounded corner with a very small radius).

Temperature ranges from -40 to +110 °C. A flame retardant version (UL94 V0) is also available.


Temperature resistance

An EPDM core with an operating temperature up to 100 °C and good resistance to UV, water, and acids make the clip-on shielding gaskets the right choice for outdoor applications.


Special shapes and materials excel in dynamic or high cycling applications such as Faraday cage doors or access panels with low compression rates and very limited compression set.

Shielding performance

Shielding effectiveness depends on surface, shape of gasket and materials used.

Available versions

The clip-on range comes in three flavors:

  • Type W series (Clip-on shielding gasket with water seal)
  • Type F series (Fully wrapped EMI/RFI-shielding gasket)
  • Type H series (For heavy-duty applications, for example military)

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.